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An innovative company by support of Almi Stockholm Sörmland and Ink-Borås.

Our goal is to create a protective environment for the smallest children and infants. Protecting them from the harmful effects of air pollution. One way of accomplishing this is is by decreasing the exposure. That's why we're developing an accessory to baby prams and strollers. A portable air purifier, cleaning the ambient air of harmful pollutions such as exhaust gases and particles. By minimizing the exposure of these harmful pollutants responsible for a wide array of negative health effects we hope to give these small children living in all the air polluted areas of of our world a       better start in life.

Air Pollutions

  • Consists of micropartcles (eg. PM2,5 and PM10), Sulfor dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide,  carbon monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • are directly responsible for approximately 12% of all deaths in the world each year
  • exceeds WHO's recommended levels in areas where 91% of the worlds population lives
  • has been shown to cause lung disease (asthma, COPD, overreactive airways), heart disease , stroke och cancer
  • have also been shown to have a negative effect on brain maturation. 

The children are extra sensitive. Their lungs are not fully developed until they're around 8 years old, more sensitive the younger they are. The exposure for air pollution causes a chronic inflammation that has a direct impact on the lungs development. The result is impaired lung function and increases the risk of developing lung diseases later in life compared to children that has grown up in areas with lesser amounts of air pollutions. For example, the presence of asthma among children above 5 years of age has increased from 2% in the 50th to todays 11%. In other studies, there has also been shown to have a negative impact on learning and brain development. 

In the world, each year, around 600 000 children die from air pollution.

If you want to read more, click on the different links below:

WHO has multiple projects and here you can read about air pollutions, childrens environment and how they´re affected. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has multiple articles where the health effects on children due to exposure to air pollution are explained. Below is also an example from the Swedish doctors society's own newspaper about the health effects of air pollution and what effect it has on different organs.   

Below is an example map from the project World Air Quality Index, which is a project working to promote air pollution awareness and provide unified air quality information for the whole world. At the moment providing information from 80 countries, more than 10.000 stations in more than 1000 cities. Just click HERE to go to the website and get real time information about the conditions in your country or region.

The innovator
Conny Karlsson

Father of two, physician working as a resident in the field of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care.

Thanks to my education I have a good understanding och knowledge about both anatomy and physiology of the airways and the respiratory system. I have a will to do good and a strong entrepreneurial drive.

After I became a father and now and then was visiting urban areas with the children I started paying attention to how bad the air was in larger cities. I started taking an interest in the adverse effects that air pollution had on people's health and intensely followed the news, both national and international, related to air pollution. Soon it occured to me that the problem was not just confined to the asian countries which topped the news as a deterrent example, but was truly an international problem, even here in Sweden and throughout Europe. The idéa was born,to do something to protect our children and to create better prerequisite for future generations. Air pollution is all around us and troubled to say, won't be going away any time soon.   


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